Our Approach

We deliver a new standard in product quality, efficacy, and consistency while partnering throughout the process to ensure the best end product.

Our enhancements to the technology and equipment allow for higher volume production while maintaining the quality and efficacy of the CBD.

Grobright On Site

Grobright Labs are set up at our partner’s facilities to remediate, process and extract biomass.

Our Labs:

  • Processing and Drying ISO and GMP Certification
  • Extraction and Remediation ISO and GMP Certification
  • Genetics development partnerships with various genetics companies

Grobright has built a team made up of highly educated industry experts in genomics, cultivation, processing, and extraction. Our innovative approaches will result in the development of high quality and high yield CBD and will propel Grobright to the forefront of the hemp and CBD industries.

We Cultivate

We work with USDA-licensed local farmers to grow the highest quality hemp biomass. The exceptional quality of hemp flower makes a difference. Expert assistance from seed to plant to harvest.

We Craft

Our extraction process ensures the highest quality end product. Our gentle process captures sensitive components normally lost through ethanol or CO2 extraction methods.  Our solvent technology is specifically tuned to ensure all of these synergistic aromas are preserved from the flower to give depth and complexity to the experience.

We Create

Our team of industry experts educates and works with end-users to create new and innovative products.

Our Services

  • Extraction
  • Remediation
  • Processing
  • Biomass Sourcing
  • Terpene Extraction
  • Product Formulation
  • Oil and Distillate Sales
  • Drying and Storage
  • Genetics and Farming Consultation
  • Campus Design and Consultation
  • Product Development and Project Management