About Us

Grobright Biotech is a CBD company, focused on Processing, Extracting and Biomass repurposing. At Grobright we are setting a new standard of quality within the CBD industry.

Grobright Labs are set up at our partner’s facilities to remediate, process and extract biomass.

Our management team are experts in their respective fields, each having significant experience in the CBD/THC industries. Our individual and collective strengths make our R&D efforts world-class.

Our technological expertise has developed an exclusive method of Freon extraction which creates the highest quality oil available today in the highest volumes.

Our Team

Grobright’s team consists of highly experienced and educated industry experts in genomics, cultivation, processing, and extraction. We deliver a new standard in product quality, efficacy, and consistency while partnering throughout the process to ensure the best end product.

Board of Directors

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Grobright Biotech USA Ltd.
740 N. Gilpin Street, Denver, Colorado 80218

US Office: 720-738-4223
Canada Office: 416-479-4496